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Posted in: Features and Functionality

COVID-19 Social Gathering

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  • Hi - I'm working to establish a COVID-19 Information space on our company's internal intranet, AnShare. Our company is currently working remotely and our communication department would like to establish an area in that space where employees can engage in discussion. Below is my general premise.

    COVID-19 Check-IN

    This space is meant to share all things about yourself such as • Work from home tips • Before and after the quarantine (picture of yourself, your house, your pet, etc before and after) • What can you do with 100 rolls of toilet paper? • 30-day collaborative quarantine playlist • Videos of yourself and family • Movie titles but make them about being quarantined During the COVID-19 Quarantine. This is meant to be fun and interactive to keep each other social and happy. We are all in this together!

    The catch is I would like to add a picture with the summary above on the space homepage of  COVID-19 and I would like to keep it as easy as possible for employees to simply click on the photo and summary and be able to share their experiences and upload photos, videos etc. 

    I thought I could do this with the discussion forum but I'm not able to add the photo and summary on the homepage space. Can you please provide me some direction? 

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  • gskamau

    Hey Christina,

    Could you clarify where you're trying to add the photo and summary? Is it a Page Builder page? Could you share the link?


  • I tried to create a rich text to link it to the forum: /spaces/49/covid-19-information/Covid-19%20Information


    Here is the link to the discussion: /spaces/49/covid-19-information/forums/1173/covid-19-check-in


    What's the most professional look for this?

  • gskamau

    Hey Christina,

    It looks like you were able to add the photo and summary to the space homepage. All that's left is to link the photo to the forum, is that correct?

    Are you asking about the space homepage design or the widget itself?


  • I'm asking if this is the correct way to do this? I've never set up before. I want to be able to have the staff replies pop up on the homepage of the space so everyone can see the latest replies...how do I set this up? Is there another way I can do this ?

  • gskamau

    Hey Christina,

    You can use a Content List Widget to display discussions on the space homepage:

    1. Edit the space homepage
    2. On the left, click the Widgets tab
    3. Drag a Content List widget onto the page
    4. On the Content List widget, click the gear icon > Edit properties
    5. Under Content types, select Discussions
    6. Under Space, select the space
    7. In Total items, set the number of discussions to display
    8. Click the Template tab
    9. Select a template
    10. Click Save Widget

    You can preview the page before you publish the changes.


  • I don't see where I can add the photo that is displayed on the discussion? Where is that option?

    I want to allow employees to add photos, videos ect.


  • gskamau

    Hey Christina,

    The content list widget displays the featured image of content. Discussions don't have a featured image, so it isn't possible to display discussion images in a content list widget.

    If you want photos to appear on the space homepage, you can use the Photos content type instead - create an album and have users upload photos in the album. Then add a content list widget to the space homepage that displays photos with the Carousel Photo Template template.


  • That makes no sense in what I'm trying to accomplish here. I thought the whole point of this intranet is to socialize, now when we need it more than ever it's not working the way that is most convenient. Very disappointing.  

  • gskamau

    Hey Christina,

    I believe for what you are trying to accomplish, using discussions, photos, and videos would work best. I recommend using photos because you can display photos on the homepage, including the photo caption, which meets your "photo and summary" requirement. See the example below.

    People can then upload videos to the videos section, and create discussions for any other text-only content. Keep in mind that people can comment on photos and videos and reply to discussions, so any of these content types can work to encourage socialization. My main purpose in recommending photos was to allow you to display photos on the space homepage.

    If this doesn't meet your needs, let us know, and we can continue to work out the best solution for you.


  • I'd like to give a big thank you to you and Nathaniel for assisting me today. I think there was a bit of a misunderstanding in what I was requesting. All is clarified and I was able to customize everything perfectly!!! Thank you again for your support!!!

  • You're welcome! Glad we could help!

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