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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Has anyone used Communifire to set up new hire onboarding processes?

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  • Elkfarhane

    I would like to standardize an overall new hire process using our intranet. I've tried a few things.

    • I was trying to use milestones to do this, but a case can only be one milestone at a time. So I would have to create a new case for each milestone which increases the chances that a step will be missed and would have to be done manually.
    • Is there any way to duplicate or copy a set of cases at the same time maybe? It's not ideal, but I could filter down to the project and copy an old set of cases to set up a new hire. 

    Would appreciate any other ideas if anyone else has faced a similar project.

    Example of the processes:

    1. HR paperwork
    2. Take down job postings
    3. New computer purchase
    4. Business cards
    5. Add to staff pages
    6. etc. 
    7. etc.



  • Foster

    Hi Elk,

    One solution to this would be to create custom Case Status's to help track the onboarding of a newly hired employee. Once a case is opened, you will be able to set the status of the case as the step you are currently on. 

    You can change the Case Status to whatever you would like by going to Manage Space > Cases > Statuses. It helps to add numbering to your steps, as otherwise the statuses will be ordered alphabetically. 

    Here you can add, delete, and edit status's to fit your unique on boarding process. 

    I hope this helps,

  • Elkfarhane

    Hi Foster, 

    Unfortunately, this isn't sufficient because these are tasks that would be done concurrently as someone is being onboarded and by multiple people. I wouldn't want a coworker to change to step 2 before I'm done with step 1. 

    The way I see it is that these steps would all be a part of the complete "project" of the new hire setup of a specific person. The only way I can see to do this is to create a case for each part of the new hire process. Hope that makes sense, do you know of any way to create a template for cases or to copy multiple cases? That could help a bunch.



  • Elkfarhane

    And sorry, just to add--if it were possible to add tasks to a case so they could be marked as they were completed that would be great, but again the problem of having to manually create tasks and attach to a case leaves gaps for errors. 

  • Foster

    Hi Elk, 

    You can actually create tasks from within cases with a few simple steps. 

    First, go to Control Panel > System Properties > EnableCasesTaskIntegration. Set this value to True. 

    Then, go to the space you have your cases in, and create a Task List. This is so you have a list you can add your task to. 

    Go to an existing case, and click the dropdown on the right. You will see the option Create Task.

    That's it! Once you have done this the task will include a reference to the case that it was created from. 

    This way, you can have one case for each new member onboarded, then create the tasks of what is needed to be done inside the case. Each task will have a link to the case that it was created from.

    I hope this helps,

  • Elkfarhane

    Thanks, I happened to have that enabled. Last question, I promise! Is there anyway to copy or duplicate a list of tasks?

    (as it is right now, the workflow would be: HR receives offer letter>creates ticket in correct space>then person manually creates about 20 tasks)

    If there isn't, is this something that is on the horizon? Being able to duplicate tasks or create a set of templates would be really helpful for these repetitive tasks. 

  • Foster

    Hi Elk,

    There is not a way to copy a task list. At the moment it is not something that is planned to add, but it is something we will consider. 


  • Elkfarhane

    understood, thanks!

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