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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Hiding Expired Content from Content List Widget

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  • gmanci

    Is there a way to hide expired content (specifically articles) from a content list widget while keeping it searchable for users? We would like the expired content to not appear in a widget on our home page, but we still want users to be able to search for old, expired articles. It appears that expired content acts exactly like unexpired content if 'Show content after expiration' is checked. And if that is not checked, it disappears for the users all together. How do we keep the expired content from showing up in our widget while still keeping it searchable?

  • Foster

    Hi Grace,

    You can use the Content Published Since section under the Advanced tab when you edit your widget to only show recent content. If your content expires after, say 6 months, you can adjust your wiki to only show content from the past 6 months, effectively not showing expired content. This way these expired articles will still be searchable for your users.

    I hope this helps,

  • gmanci

    Unfortunately the expire date depends on what the content is, so a blanket "Content Published Since" doesn't really work for us. For example we might post an article that should only be visible in the content widget for 2 weeks, yet another one should be visible for 2 months. Unless we try and backdate the published date (which is a nightmare for users posting articles), this doesn't quite do what we want either. We were hoping that the expired date could accomplish this for us, but if there isn't a way to expressly hide content from a widget solely based on the expired date, it's not really useful for us.

  • Foster

    Hi Grace,

    Communifire does not currently off the capability to hide only expired content from a Content List Widget. You can hide content from a certain date or time range as detailed in the post above, or hide expired content as a whole.

    As an alternative, you could try using the tag filter on the Content List Widget. Add a tag to indicate live content and remove them once they expire. This way only up to date content would appear on the widget without having to backdate your articles.

    I hope this helps,

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