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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Improving personalization

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  • arester

    A few of our users have asked about wanting to have more personalization of the content that they see when they log in to our site. I'm thinking Bookmarks are a potential options for this, but am wondering if anyone else has come up with other solutions?

  • Foster

    Hi Aaron,

    Communifire provides a few ways to help customize the content that users see when they log into the site.

    1) You can configure widgets to retrieve information from both public and private spaces. If the logged in user is not a member of a specified private space, they won't see content from the private space, but if the user is a member, they will see private content from the space. This is one way to provide an experience that shows content related to the user.

    2) Using roles, you can specify which widgets users will see when they login. Check out the roles tab in the properties of any Page Builder widget or layout widget.

    3) If you have a developer on staff, you can make use of our REST API to show user-related information.

    I hope this helps,

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