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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Email Notifications in Cases

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  • nfooter


    We are trying to use Cases for simple HR things like leave requests. I am struggling with a few things though.

    1. Email notifications – we are not receiving any email notifications when new cases are created. How can we turn this on or what settings do we need to check?
    2. How do you limit the choice of users in the Assign box so that only a subset of people in the space are available?
    3. How can the person who creates the ticket assign it someone?
      Basically want the person to assign to their manager. If they approve they would then assign to the HR Manager to record in the payroll system etc. Then the HR Manager closes the ticket.

    Is this possible?



  • Answered

    Hi Nicole,

    We will definitely want you to help you on all those above points.

    Can you submit a private case Add Case for the same. Is it possible to add few more details regarding the user/space where you are facing that issue?


  • nfooter

    ok, have done that. 

  • Was there ever a solution for this? I am having similar issues where I want someone to be able to start a new case and assign it to a person or department and trigger an email to that person telling them there is a new case (project) that need attention. I'm also wondering if there is a way to have a case go to multiple "projects". 

  • Hi Jacqueline,

    If a new case is created with an assigned user, that person will receive an email notification that a case was created. Is this not happening for you? If so, could you make sure the user has email notifications enabled?

    It isn't possible to make a case have multiple projects. You could use tags as an alternative.


  • Hi Grace,

    Email is enabled  site wide and I'm using myself as a test subject. How do I make sure that I have email notifications enabled? Also is there a way to enable email for all users?

    Tags wont work because I need the option to notify multiple departments of a new case if it spans multiple teams. Any other suggestions?

  • Hi Jacqueline,

    Click your name in the header > Preferences and check the Email notifications section.

    You can turn on email notifications for all users with Bulk Import Users . Create a CSV file of all your users with the following columns: Username, Email, Email notifications. In the Email notifications column, set the value as true. Below is an example.

    You can make your CSV file by going to Control Panel > People > Manage People > Options and clicking Download CSV. Save the file then open it and delete all the columns you don't need.


  • Hi Grace,

    I enabled my email settings, the CSV file I downloaded already has the email set to "true" for everyone, email is enabled site wide in the general settings. I still can't get a case to trigger an email notification. I disabled most of the email templates because we don't want a ton of emails sent out. Is there another setting I'm missing?

  • Hi Jacqueline,

    There's this error for email sending in your exception log:

    Have you been receiving any emails from Communifire? Could you check the settings for your email server?


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