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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Embed music/sound on an article page

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  • Xenon

    I'm testing to see how to add sound or music onto an article page and have it play automatically, but nothing I've found online has worked. Every time I save my article, the code is stripped out. Is there a setting that is preventing me from doing this correctly? It also appears the URL for the music file isn't correct when I right-click and choose Copy link address. Usually, it's a weird URL that is copied, but in this case, it's just a standard path that leads to the actual fle.

    I've tried using the <embed>, <audio>, and <iframe> codes, but those don't work. 

  • gskamau

    Hey Xeng,

    This is a known bug where the rich text editor strips out some HTML tags. Our development team is looking into it. We'll contact you once a fix is available.

    Where are you copying the file link from? The file list?


  • Xenon

    Yes. I'm copying the file from the file list. The URL just shows a path to the list, but usually it's a more complicated-looking URL when I copy image paths. I wasn't sure if that was correct or not.

  • gskamau

    Hey Xeng,

    Follow the steps below.

    1. From the file list, click the file name
    2. Click the gear icon
    3. Right-click Download
    4. Click Copy Link Address
    5. Paste the URL in a text editor
    6. Remove &v=1&zip=true from the URL

    You should now have the direct link to the audio file.


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