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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Content Backup

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  • tjagresti

    What is the best way to do an off site back up all of the sites content?  After having our site and the Axero Support site down at the same time for several hours I am concerned about reliability and want to have our documents, photos, videos, etc. backed up to a separate location.

    Any suggestions?

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Thomas,

          We backup sites daily and hold backups for at least 2 weeks. If an extended outage occurs, our disaster recovery process restores your entire site from the last backup taken. In our 11 years of being in business, we have never had a disaster recovery incident. Our cloud received windows updates and performance fixes yesterday, a resource issue occurred in our cloud, which took down many sites. We worked with our cloud providers support team to resolve the problems and brought the sites back online hours later.

    We apologize for the outage and are working with our internal systems team and cloud providers support team to prevent incidences like these from happening again.

  • mdrain

    Frankly, yesterday would have been a disaster for your U.S. customers had it occurred on a weekday.

    There was no communication on any of your Twitter handles, the support site was down, and there was no response to my email request for an update.

    Going forward, please consider any or all of the following improvements:

    1. Move the support site to a separate server or provider. There is no excuse for your direct line of support to customers to go down every time our sites go down.
    2. Create a support Twitter handle to acknowledge problems and share updates.
    3. Use a status page (e.g., https://www.statuspage.io/) to acknowledge problems and share updates. 

    I understand incidents like this happen, but communication is critical. Customers need to know that it's being handled.

  • JoJo

    I echo Maxwell's suggestions regarding having customer support being accessed through a separate channel.  

    One thing I noticed since the resource issue is the look of my site has changed back to the default settings (Communifire colours, fonts etc). Is there anything else I should be looking for in regards to the reset besides the obvious? 

  • tjagresti

    We have numerous errors on our CSS overrides after the incidents of the past weekend.  I just got a response from Aparna on a case I submitted for the layout of our homepage UI for the mobile version telling me to delete a CSS margin command for the header to fix it.  

    I am having to get our outside coder, at our cost, to review and fix all the overrides.

    You all better check your CSS overrides for other issues.  I think the return to defaults may be just the tip of the iceberg.

  • tjagresti


    The other issue is Maxwell's point on communication and separation of the Axero support site.   I'll remind you that we are operating an airline.  When Axero went down it created chaos at our operation.  I had people screaming at me for building a system that didn't work, had no back up to handle this contingency and that we had no communication with Axero in the middle of the crisis.  I had no idea what the issue was or how long Axero estimated it would take to fix.  Axero was just dark!

    You may think it was an achievement to bring the sites back up after several hours and that you all handled the situation appropriately but I strongly disagree.  Our faith and trust in Axero has been shaken by this incident.  This was not a victory especially for a company that as you pointed out has been doing this for 11 years.  

  • tjagresti
    In response to issues we had with the UI on our homepage mobile version, Axero just informed me that they make unilateral changes to the CSS which can cause issues and asked me to problem solve at my time and expense. Sunny Drall wrote: "We have performed few CSS modifications that might require some changes in your CSS overrides, please feel free to let us know what all other CSS issues you are facing, we are happy to help. We usually perform CSS changes to make Communifire look better and to make it more manageable. " We spent the time and money on our developers to code the CSS overrides to match the look and feel of our external web sites. Axero changes the overrides and now says its on us to fix?
  • mtrujillo

              Some of you may be aware, we moved hosting companies recently, we are now on Amazon Web Services. We were under the impression we wouldn't have many technical issues with their cloud, but this is not the case. We are already working on plans to move the support community to another AWS cloud, off of the cloud customers reside on. We 100% agree with you, the support community must be available at all times for communication with our support team.

              The latest patches included CSS changes which caused design issues. We have since resolved the issues and have taken steps to prevent this from happening again. If future updates cause any design issues, please submit a private case, and we will be happy to work with you to correct any CSS/design issues we caused.

              We understand your intranets are the center of your organization, an outage at any time is entirely unacceptable. We never intend to cause issues for our customers, surprise technical issues happen to every company, all the time. Experiencing cloud and patch issues at the same time is unacceptable, we understand this and have reviewed these past weekends events as well as your concerns with the entire Axero team.

              We genuinely thank you for your feedback, we are already working on implementing your suggestions and hope you notice improvements in the coming weeks.

  • tjagresti

    Thank you for the feedback.  We appreciate you taking steps to prevent the circumstances from recurring in the future.

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