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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Learning about wiki formatting options

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  • Can you point me to documentation that walks me through how to use each of the wiki formatting options? Thank you.

  • gskamau

    Hey Elizabeth,

    Is there a particular kind of formatting you want to create?


  • Some of our associates have general questions about formatting as they build their first wikis, especially as it relates to spacing lines, sections, and bullets.

    One work around has been to format the content in Word and copy and paste into the wikis, but they still have some spacing issues and are looking for the Word-like capabilities that allow them to set the space between bullets and sections, without having to manipulate the content in "View Source." To that end, they have asked for some user guide content demonstrating how to use the formatting options available.

    Also, can an embedded table or image expand as the wiki is expanded to full screen, or is it a fixed size whether it is minimized or full screen? The embedded images appear as desired in the minimized screen size but do not expand and the page ends up looking half empty in full screen mode.

    Thank you.

  • gskamau

    Hey Elizabeth,

    Spacing must be configured via the source code. You can also insert empty lines by pressing Shift + Enter.

    You can make a table or image responsive by setting the width to 100%. For an image:

    1. Click the image
    2. In the toolbar, click the picture icon 
    3. In the modal that appears, enter 100% and 0 in Dimensions
    4. Click Ok

    For a table:

    1. Click in the table
    2. In the toolbar, click Table > Table properties
    3. In Width, enter 100%
    4. Click Ok


  • Thank you Grace.

  • Found it -  have a great day!

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