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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Instant Messenger Options

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    Is there a way to have certain users not be visible to others? 

  • gskamau

    Hey Clearify Admin,

    It isn't possible to hide individual users in chat. You can configure settings so users can only chat to their Connections . Go to Control Panel > System > General Settings > Site Settings . Next to Enable chat > Allow people to chat with, select Only Connections. Users will only be able to search for their connections when starting a new chat.



    That helps.

    How would I automatically make new users "connect" with my admin account.  Since we use the platform as an outside help desk, we have an admin account, that all external users communicate with

    We don't want customers to see each other, unless connected, but we want all users to be able to see the admin account we login with.

  • gskamau

    Hey Clearify Admin,

    It isn't possible to automatically connect new users to a single user. You must do this manually.

    You can use our REST API to do this. Use REST API: Send Connection Request then REST API: Accept Connection Request .



    Why couldn't we just use the Accept Connection Request with an affirmative answer?  I don't care that users have a choice...I just want them to be able to see us, without all of the xtra steps, helpdesk questions (when they have no idea what it is), etc etc.

    Heck I am willing to pay for code, but I must find a way to handle this.

  • gskamau

    Hey Clearify Admin,

    Could you clarify where you want to hide users in chat? Do you want to hide certain users in the chat popup at the bottom that shows who is online now?

    You can do this by setting the user profile to private in Preferences . You can edit another user's preferences in Control Panel > People > Manage People. Find the user and click the gear icon > Preferences.

    You can set certain profiles to private instead of setting chat to Only Connections.



    Here is the bottom line:

    • I don't want other users to be able to see other users unless they are manually accepted for connection
    • However I want ALL users (2,500 existing and any new ones) to be able to see the Admin account which we use to deliver help desk service in real time. (Obviously I want to see them too so I can see who is online, and maybe reach out if necessary).
  • mtrujillo

    Hey Clearify,

          The previous options Grace mentioned are the only options available. We haven't had this request from any of our users, we would need to hear more requests from other users in order to implement it a feature in the platform.

          It sounds like you want to provide chat or sales support to your users, but you only want them to contact you and not each other. Try using an online chatbot service, we have been using one ourselves, and it has saved us a ton of time with pre-created responses. You will be able to guide users down the right path automatically and answer only when your pre-created responses don't satisfy them.

    Check out this provider or click here for more providers from Google.


    Thanks for that.  We have been using something called Live Chat so that people have an off-line way of contacting us over night, but we don't turn it on during the day.

    The instant messenger you have is fine, because customers need help with an issue - and they are usually beyond the canned responses routine at that point. But.. the thing that is great about yours, is that the responses are stored as part of the stream.  Were you able to get this Acquire program to write to your stream?  Do you have the URL for your API on this, IF you have it?

    I understand the feature, and "must need a certain amount of requests" to implement something. that's ok... I get it.

    But I figured there must be a way to do this automatically - and I have programmers that can write the code to do this, IF you have the means within your API.  Seems like you do?  I don't have an answer on that one yet - just that you have a request and response side to your API. 

    Can't we just write code that forces the automated response side?  Just like we write cases automatically using your API.  If we CAN, then I am sure that all you would need to do on your end, is flip the switch on the field in your database for existing customers, which is a simple UPDATE SQL Statement.

    I know I am pushy, but entrepreneurs always find a way to do what they need right?  Just ask Tim.

    Thanks as always for your help.


  • gskamau

    Hey Clearify Admin,

    You can use the REST API: Accept Connection Request method to approve the connection requests you send to other users. You just need to use REST API: Send Connection Request first.


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