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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Search Widget Results - Need to customise the Result of the User Profile

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  • AnanthiDevi

    Hi Axero Support Team,

    We have used the Search widget on a page in the ARConnect Application. Below is the snapshot of the search using the Textbox to search for the keyword "Kristin". It returns the result based on the keyword which matches the user profile in the ARConnect Application. 

    When I looked into the source code, it returns the axero communifire result through the jquery(inbuilt result format)

    Source code:

    jQuery(function() {
    context: jQuery('#axero-employee-lookup-widget-{{WidgetID}}'),
    pnlResults: '#pnlResults',
    noOfRecords: 20,
    spaceID: {{Contents.SpaceID}}


    Please help us to address this issue and Thanks in advance!



  • gskamau

    Hey Ananthi,

    It looks like the search widget is using the Employee Lookup Template . Edit the widget, click the Template tab, and select Search Template .


  • AnanthiDevi

    Thanks for the response Grace!

    I still need to use the Employee Lookup Template only. I would like to customize the result of the profile details. We are assigning the pnlResults to div which has the ID called "pnlResults" on the Employee template. 

    I want to know, from where the pnlResults(search Results) comes. Because I really need to modify the content of the pnlResults.

    In the below screenshot, Kristin's profile details are shown up with the "User Name", "Designation", "Profession Points". likewise, I want to add another information into the result.

    Hope you understood what we wanted to do. 

    please let me know if you need any clarification.

  • alligatorphil

    Hi Grace,

    When looking at the contents of the Employee Lookup template, it doesn't appear that the template driving how search results are rendered is actually contained here.  There is a jQuery function that populates the results list, but the properties that you see in each search result (name, title, points, etc) are not chosen here.   There must be some other template driving how search results are rendered.

  • gskamau

    Hey Ananthi and Philip,

    There isn't a way to customize the content returned by the Employee Lookup search widget.


  • gskamau

    Hey Ananthi and Philip,

    As an alternative, you can customize the people directory in Browse People , which is searchable. Go to Control Panel > System > Page Builder Templates . Under Widget Type, select People and edit the People Directory - List Template .


  • alligatorphil

    Thanks Grace.  We have actually already customized the People Directory search results and were hoping there was a similar means to customize results returned by Search widgets that we might deploy on various Page Builder pages. 

    We worked around it by invoking our own JS function (instead of  Communifire.EmployeeLookupWidget) to handle retrieving the template and search results.  

    Chris Brooks 

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