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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Retrieving the Raw HTML widget title

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  • cbunts

    Is there a way to retrieve the title of a Raw HTML widget instead of hard coding the heading in the Raw HTML itself?  I have created a Navigation List Widget but it seems that it does not have the same code base as other widgets.  I want to be able to leverage the language translations that occur automatically for the titles like in the the other widgets in this widget.

  • gskamau

    Hey Chris,

    You can do this by creating your own text resources. Follow the steps below.

    1. Go to Control Panel > System > Localized Content 
    2. Click Add Resource Key
    3. Enter a unique Key, which will be used to reference the resource
    4. Enter the Value, which in this case is the widget title
    5. Select the culture
    6. Click Save Changes
    7. Click Convert Resources
    8. Go to System > Page Builder and edit the page with the widget
    9. Edit the widget
    10. Replace the hardcoded widget title with {{Resources.KeyName}} , replacing KeyName with the key you used in step 3
    11. Save the widget and the page

    The widget title will now display according to the user's language selection.


  • cbunts

    Thank you Grace.  That did the trick

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