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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Required Read Video

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  • grich

    Is there a way to required the user to watch an entire video before confirming required read on a video?

    And if I upload the video to a space file do I use file location URL as the Source for insert media in the body of the video post?

    What I'm trying to do is create a training video for users of the site with a thumbnail of the video in the post.  The nI want ot post it to our training space and make it a Required Read for all employees.    


  • mtrujillo

    Hey Thomas,

            There isn't a way to require the user to watch the full video.

            If you upload the video as a file, you can't include it as a source in a new video post. You could try using an article instead, use the embed code of a video in your article, then use the featured image of an article for a thumbnail.

  • grich

    Ok, so I copy the video address by right clicking on the video  in the file location, right?

    You're saying to use the URL in an Article by using insert media function and inserting the URL address?  When I do that I don't see anything in the article.  If I use code editor and insert the html code to insert the video url then I get it to appear in the article.  Is this what you meant?

    How do I create the thumbnail image from the video to upload as a featured image?

  • nvstiers

    Hey TJ,

    you'll want to use the embed code located at the bottom of the video

    Upload an image file as the featured image. If you need to make an image out of the video I would search on the Internet how to do this. You may need to use video editing software or a program like photoshop.

  • grich

    My embed code field is at the top right of the upload video page? Is that what you mean?

  • grich

    That seems to work and I can put the instructions in the main body and select Required Read.  So I think this works.

  • nvstiers

    No, that is for embedding a video from an external video hosting platform into your communifire site rather than uploading the video or using a youtube or vimeo url.

    When you upload a video to your site and then view the video's page you will see the embed code at the bottom of the video so you can embed it throughout your site.

  • grich

    Ugh.   I see it on the test video. So I copy that embed code. Now what?  Are we back to using an Article instead of the straight video upload?    How do I embed that into an article?

  • nvstiers

    To embed a video into an article you can use the Insert Media button and paste your embed code.

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