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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Customize notifications?

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  • nickdumont

    Is there a way to view which activities are triggering my notifications? I looked on the Notifications page and in the Support community and couldn't find anything.

    Our team isn't receiving notifications for new comments on Discussions they've created or replied to, so they don't know when to return to the conversation. There also aren't any notifications for "likes." I've noticed in these forums that are notifications for both likes and replies.

    Are there settings I can configure to enable notifications for these activities, along with any others I want to be notified about?

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Nick,

            If a user posts a topic, the author, as well as repliers, will receive notifications for the topic. They must follow the full forum to receive notifications for all posts. In Manage Space: Settings, there is an option to force users to follow all discussions, they would receive an email for every reply.

           Authors should see a Like notification if someone likes their content.

          If the above isn't working, please submit a private case with screenshots and users that aren't receiving notifications, and we will investigate.

  • nickdumont

    Hey Matt,

    We're using the Top Level Community's Discussions page for our Office forum. Could that be why the notifications aren't going through, because the Discussions aren't inside a Space?

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Nick,

          Users must subscribe to their desired forum at the top-level. You could create a corporate space instead of using top-level features. 

          Also, check out System Properties > SendForumPostNotificationToForumSubscribedUser.

  • nickdumont

    That system property is set to "true" so the notifications must not be going through because the Discussions aren't in a space.

    In that case, I'll move our Discussions to the Human Resources space. Is there a way to migrate our current discussion forums to the new space without losing any data? I'd hate to lose the replies and have to start over.

  • mtrujillo

    Yes, check out the Move option at the post level:

  • nickdumont

    Awesome, thanks Matt! Appreciate your help.

  • nvstiers

    Hey Nick,

    This appears to be a bug, we created a case for it with our development team. 

    Currently a Discussion would need to be in a Space and the user has to subscribe to the Forum and the Discussion to receive the notification. 

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