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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Required reading

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  • tjagresti

    I've set up a required reading content list.  Once the user has acknowledged reading the document I want the document to drop off the list.  How do I do this?

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Thomas,

         Can you please provide a screenshot of the area you are referring to?

  • tjagresti


    The area screen shots are attached.

    Also, the site is not performing smoothly again.  It slowed down as I've been using it today. 

    And the user access issues from a previous question are not resolved despite my checking the permission settings.  Members cannot access public spaces.  I just received a complaint of a test user trying to access Culture Handbook from Search Hero on the homepage unsuccessfully.  The content is in a file under the Communications space.  I selected view all permission for the file content making sure I selected the right folder level.

  • tjagresti
    Grace commented as follows:
    The Spaces dropdown in the header only shows spaces a user is a member of. Public spaces are listed in Browse Spaces . Can the users see the public spaces in Browse > Spaces? 
    Answer: No
    The user space assignment rules use top level Roles . You must create custom roles in Control Panel > People > Roles > Add User Role to do what you describe.
    Question: So, all active users are not automatically able to see and access public spaces?  Does this mean I have to go into every single user account and create a role that will fill the User Role field  just to get them access to Public Spaces?  This can't be right.  
  • nvstiers

    Hi TJ,

    There is not a widget that will display items the user is required to read.

    The Content List widget you are using is setup to display:

    • a list of Wiki pages
    •  that were authored  by the user who is currently logged in
    • that are tagged with Advisory and Bulletin
    • It will display the 4 most recent items in a descending order

    Communifire does not have a widget to display the users current Required Reading

    A user will see their Required Reading listed under their My Required Reading section

    This section will update as the user reads the items that are marked Required Reading 

  • tjagresti

    I've got that.  So, the only way to track the document is to use the dashboard in the space to see who has read the document.  Is it possible to set up an auto send notification on a schedule (like every day) for a user who has not read the required reading document?

  • nvstiers

    Correct, the only way to track the document is to use the dashboard in the space to see who has read the document. See View Report 

    Everyone in the space will receive a notification that they have Required Reading.

    People will also receive an email.

    People can also find their Required Reading list in My Activity Stream.


    There is not a reminder feature for Required Reading.

    You may add that in our Suggestions and Feedback forum



  • tjagresti

    I know.  I've read it.  Was looking for additional features I guess.

  • tjagresti

    How can I narrow the scope of a required reading to a list of people? If a space is public for example, and I want to have only a few people required to read a document.

  • gskamau

    Hey Thomas,

    Required reading is role-based and applies to all content of a certain content type that has been marked as required reading. To require only certain people to read a certain content type in a space, follow the steps below.

    1. Create a new role in Manage Space: Roles 
    2. Assign the role to the users in Manage Space: People 
    3. Go to Manage Space: Permissions 
    4. Select the content type
    5. Check the Must Read permission for the role you created
    6. Uncheck the Must Read permission for other roles


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