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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Sub Space and page builder

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  • tjagresti

    I want to use page builder to change the layout of sub spaces.

    I know how to set up a sub space and create a sub space list using sub space widget.

    I know how to add a page.

    How do I create a sub space that is a page so I can customize the layout?

  • gskamau

    Hey Thomas,

    Could you clarify what you want to do? What layout are you referring to? Please share a screenshot.


  • tjagresti

    Any layout.  The issue is access to page builder in a subspace.  The default layout when a subspace is created is not usable so we need to be able to change it.

  • gskamau

    Hey Thomas,

    Do you want to create a Page Builder homepage for a sub space? Go to Control Panel > System > Page Builder and Create Page Builder Page . In the Details pane, click the Space dropdown and select the sub space. Check Set as the space homepage and Include space photo and navigation. Once you publish the page, it will be the landing page when you open the space.


  • tjagresti

    The landing page for the parent space or just the landing page for the subspace?  

  • gskamau

    For the sub space.

  • tjagresti


    I am still having problems doing this smoothly.  once I select the sub-space where the page is located, how do I construct the URL?

  • tjagresti

    Do I just copy the sub-space URL and insert it?

  • nvstiers

    Hey TJ,

    When setting up your new Page Builder page to be the Homepage of your Sub Space just fill in these Details:

    • Page Name
    • Select your Sub Space
    • Check Set as the space homepage
    • (optional) Check Include space photo and navigation
    • For page URL I just copy and paste the page name, the system will create the url once you click publish
    • Click Publish
    • That's It!!! The page has been created and set as the homepage of your subspace, no more settings needed to configure.

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