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Posted in: Features and Functionality

RAW HTML section within a Section widget

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  • Xenon

    I'm trying to contain my raw html within a section widget in page builder, but when I publish it, my code is outside of the container. Why would this be happening?

    My raw html has 2 section divs. One floats right and the other left. 

  • nvstiers

    Hi Xeng,

    When you say your code is outside of the container what do you mean by that? 

    Are you saying that visually it is showing up outside of its containing element or are you stating that the actual mark up is in the incorrect location? If you view the source of the page is the mark up incorrect?

    Floats take elements out of the normal flow of the page and will "float" on top of other elements. If this is what you are experiencing then you would need to make use of float clears or use a different method of positioning your elements like CSS Grid or Flexbox

  • Xenon

    Visually it's outside of it's containing element. The markup looks correct to me anyway. I'll have to play around with this further. Your suggestion of positioning using CSS Grid or Flexbox is something I'll look into. Thanks, Nathaniel. 

    I'll mark this as answered for now.

  • nvstiers

    If it's visually outside of the containing element then it is likely the float property you are using.

    check out https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_class_clear.asp


    If this parent element contained nothing but floated elements, the height of it would literally collapse to nothing. Containing elements collapse when all they contain are floated elements because the floated elements are no longer considered in the normal flow of your webpage

  • nvstiers

    Look into clear fixes, you need these when using floats 


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