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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Moderators don't have option to create articles

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  • Xenon

    We're in the process of training moderators to take over their spaces on our intranet. When they click the create button, everything shows up except the Article option. Plus, they do not have the tab on the right access the page builder.

    Places I've checked: 
    Control Panel > Settings > System Properties:

    Spaces > Permissions (left side bar)
    I even went to their specific space settings:

    What am I missing?

    Also, is it possible to assign moderators to different spaces? 

  • gskamau

    Hey Xeng,

    Go to Manage Space > People and make sure the users have a space role that has the Article > Create permission checked. Click Set Role to check or update users' space roles.

    To allow users to edit Page Builder pages, go to Control Panel > System > Page Builder > Top Level: Page Builder Permissions and check the Admin View and Update All permissions.

    You can auto-assign people to spaces based on their top level role. Take a look at User Space Assignment Rules . You can also add people to spaces manually. Check out Add People to Space .


  • nvstiers

    Hey Xeng,

    Space roles are separate from site wide roles. 

    A site moderator is not a moderator in a space unless you add them to a space and assign them the spaces moderator role.

    Please see our video and documentation on this Roles 


  • Xenon

    Thanks, Grace.

    Is there an option to allow a moderator to edit only a specific page builder page instead of having access to edit any/all of them?

    Thanks for your help as well, Nathaniel.

  • mtrujillo

    Hi Xeng,

          No, but we plan to add granular permissions for Page Builder in a future version. You can use Dynamic Properties to allow space moderators to access specific areas of a Page Builder page via Manage Space.

  • Xenon

    Sorry. I don't quite follow. From my understanding of Dynamic Properties, these just allow you to put custom info in certain areas of a page. I don't see how that can restrict moderators access to areas of a Page Builder page.

    Right now, all of our spaces have a Page Builder (PB) design set as the space home page. My concern is that by allowing moderators access to edit any of these PB on the backend, they could potentially remove or edit something by accident.

  • mtrujillo

    Check out this video: https://axero.wistia.com/medias/o84qti0neu


  • Xenon

    I'll try to make this more clear. 

    Clicking on System > Page Builder > Permissions and selecting the options below for moderators:

    This gives moderators the permission to edit anything on any PB page site wide

    If they have that kind of permission, they could possibly mess something up by accessing other PB pages. From what you're saying, there's no way to restrict that right now? We can't have moderators poking around in the backend of the other pages. Does this make more sense?

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Xeng,

         You are correct, if you give a role access to the Page Builder editor, they can edit any page. There isn't another way to provide access to single Page Builder pages.

         Another option: If you use Manage Space: Dynamic Properties , you could drag a Dynamic Property on your Page Builder page, then a moderator of a space could modify content in the Dynamic Property. This way they can edit a section of a Page Builder page instead of editing other Page Builder pages and the full Page Builder page.

  • Xenon

    Thanks, Matt. We wanted to give our moderators free-reign to organize their space using PB the way they liked, but since there's no way to restrict that access, we'll have to figure something out.

    Dynamic Properties isn't difficult for me, since I know HTML/CSS,  but it may be information overload for the moderators.

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