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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Subspaces in search

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  • arester

    Is there a way to ensure that subspaces (not content within subspaces, but rather the subspaces themselves) appear in search results?

  • arester

    To clarify, I'm talking about subspaces in which the user is not a member.

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Aaron,

         Check out System Properties  > IncludeSubSpacesInSpaceSearchResults


  • arester

    I'm not sure this does quite what I'm looking for. If I understand correctly, turning that setting to "true" would allow me to do the following:

    • I have a space called "Academic Affairs," which has a subspace called "Registrar." If I search within "Academic Affairs," content from "Registrar" will also appear.

    What I am looking to have happen is:

    • At the top level community, I type "Registrar" into the search bar in the nav, and under the suggested spaces, "Registrar" appears, even if I am not a member of that space. 


  • mtrujillo

    Hey Aaron,

          The security/permissions checking slows performance dramatically if we include a lot of content in subspaces. We plan to address the performance issue in a future version, currently, we do not search subspaces globally, only at the parent space level. You could include a search box on your the parent space homepage using Page Builder .

  • SharylW

    Hi, Matt. Following up on your 9/2018 reply above to see if this functionality has been updated. We conducted a global search for content stored in a public subspace and it appeared in the global search results list.

  • SharylW

    Hi Matt - Just to clarify current global search functionality: When conducting a global search for content containing a specific keyword/phrase, can the user expect that the system will search both public spaces and public subspaces? Thanks again!

  • Agent232

    Hi Sharyl, Please ensure the System Property [IncludeSubSpacesInSpaceSearchResults = true] and then perform a [ Rebuild Search Index ] to ensure reliable space + subspace search results.

    For more info see System Properties 

    Searching from the top menu bar, entering the search phrase and pressing {enter} performs a more thorough search, though using the sidebar search box works just fine.

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