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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Carousel w/ Photo Widget

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  • Hello,

    Is it possible to have an image in a carousel that either doesn't link to anything, or links to an outside website, such as our cloud account? For example, we would like to add a photo to a carousel with imagery and dates of our next convention, basically a sort of announcement that would not link to any intranet page or wiki page, it would just be a static image within the carousel. The carousel would also contain other images that might link to wiki pages or spaces etc. 

    Is this possible to do?



  • Answered

    Hey Kayla,

    You can accomplish this by adding a static slide to the carousel template. I would recommend creating a new carousel template, so other carousels don't display the static slide as well.

    1. Go to Control Panel > System > Page Builder Templates
    2. Copy the carousel code and Add Page Builder Template 
    3. Enter a template name and select Content List as the widget type
    4. Paste the code in the code editor
    5. Copy the code that is between the lines {{#each Contents}} and {{/each}}
    6. Paste that code above the {{#each Contents}} line to make the slide appear at the beginning, or paste the code below the {{/each}} line to make it appear at the end
    7. In that code snippet, replace all the parts in curly braces with your static content
    8. Save the template
    9. On your Page Builder page, edit the widget, and select the new template in the Templates tab


  • Hey  Grace Kamau ! 

    Is there a way to edit the static photos/links in the actual widget vs the template? 


  • Hey Chloie,

    Could you clarify what you want to do? The carousel widget pulls content from spaces and can be filtered by space, author, tag, etc. The content in the widget depends on what content is created in spaces.


  • Grace Kamau , 

    We'd like to link images to pages/outside links in a carousel widget. We'll use this as a banner on our home page and sometimes have banners that link to specific pages, blogs, outside links. The fix you provided above works, but we're hoping there is an easier way to update the images and links than going into the page builder template each time we switch out an image or link. 



  • Hey Chloie,

    You can do this using the Photos content type and the URL Mapper :

    1. In a space, Create Photo Album and Add Photos you want to appear in the carousel.
    2. Set the photo captions to the text you want to appear in the carousel.
    3. Go to Control Panel > System > URL Mapper.
    4. Add URL Mappings to redirect the photos to the other pages and outside links. When users click on a photo in the carousel, they will be redirected to the link you added a mapping for.
    5. In Page Builder, add a Content List widget then click the gear icon > Edit Properties.
    6. Under Content types, select Photo.
    7. Under Spaces, select the space you uploaded the photos in.
    8. Click the Advanced tab.
    9. Under Parent content, select the album you created.
    10. Save the widget and publish the page.

    When you want to update the images in the carousel, just add or delete photos in the album and URL mappings in Control Panel.


  • Grace Kamau thank you! That worked perfectly. 

    One other question, is there a way to order the photos in an album manually? 


  • Answered

    Hey Chloie,

    It isn't possible to order photos manually. Alternatively, you can use the Articles or Blogs content type, and set a Publication date to order the content.


  • Grace Kamau  gotcha. 



  • Hey  Grace Kamau , 

    We've followed this process and have been noticing that links stop working. The URL is still mapped and hasn't changed but we click the image it takes us to the photo album. You can see examples on this page.


  • Hi Chloie,

    Clicking on all three of the carousel images take me to the blogs, not photo albums. Can you try clearing your Internet browser's cache and then clicking on the images? 


  • Foster Clark  sorry about that! Someone updated those. Try these ones:

  • Answered

    Hi Chloie,

    So it looks like the URL mappings that were not working were set to http, instead of https. I have gone ahead and changed those mappings for you, so they should be working correctly now. 

    On the link that you provided me, Image 1 and Image 3 link to blog posts, but there does not appear to be a mapping for the 2nd image, so it still links to the photo.

    I hope this helps,

  • Foster Clark , thank you for going in and fixing those! Appreciate it. :) We'll use the https going forward. And sounds good on the second image. 


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