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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Search widget does search within wiki

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  • amcphee

    When using the search widget in a space it doesn't find anything within applications, like wiki or files.

    However the search menu item on left menu does.

    Is this a bug or a limitation of the search widget?

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Antony,

          We would like to upgrade you to the latest version of Communifire to help with this issue. Learn more here. If you would like to upgrade, please submit a case here to discuss a time.


  • jswaddell

    I, too, am having this problem. I've created a Space, "Links", with a long list of links within tables in a Rich Text Widget. I've added a Search Widget, but using that widget is not returning any results. I am not showing the Space navigation links, but when I did show them as a test, and tried the search in the left nav, I got the same results (nothing). Can Space Search not search within simple HTML tables?

  • Foster

    Hi Jay,

    The Search Widget you created is set to the space Links. The search you added will only search the space selected. As the Links space is mostly empty, it will not return any results. If you search "Jay" in the search, you will see your profile appear, as you are the only member of the space.

    Try switching the widgets selected space to "Top Level" or another space to see more results.

    I hope this helps,

  • jswaddell

    But I want it to search the space Links, and only that space. I'm not sure why you say the space is mostly empty. I have over 240 URLs listed, each with a title and description. Can that widget not search the text in the space?

  • Foster

    Hi Jay,

    That is correct, the widget will only search people and content in the space your specify. It will not search the text on the page. 

    If a user needs to find text on the page, it is usually easiest to have them use Ctrl+F to search the page. 

    I hope this helps,

  • jswaddell

    One more question: could you clarify what "content" is searchable from Space Search?

    Additionally, if I created an Article in this space and copied all my links into the Article, would it search the content of the Article?

  • Foster

    Hi Jay,

    You can check out our Search Documentation for more information. But the following is included.


    I hope this information is useful,


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