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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Profile - Employee Can Not See Information

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  • Good morning,

    Can you please look into why an employee (Monica Liang-Allen) can not see parts of her profile but myself and others are able to view it?

  • Hello Kacie, 

    Can you provide us additional information about what parts of her profile is not visible to her but to the rest of the team? 

    - What did Monica update or add to her profile that cannot be seen by her but others can?

    - Are there any parts of her profile being manually added by her when editing her profile or is it updated/uploaded via SSO? 

    - If the profile is being updated via SSO, what SSO is being used? 




  • Hello Kacie, 

    We reviewed the edit profile fields and found the following: 


    Site Admins will only have the ability to view the edit profile fields and the members. 

    You can view this by going to Control Panel > People Directory > User Profiles  > Edit Edit Profile Page 


    Click on the widget that they cannot see and edit properties and click on roles and check off which roles can see which information. 

    However, if it's when they're viewing their profile (view profile and not edit profile) then the roles should be updated to have the members be able to view their profiles. 

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 



  • This is what she sees when she looks herself up. She has a ton of information added but only sees this. We confirmed with other employees on their own profiles and they can see everything but some employees can not.

  • Answered

    Hi Kacie,

    I logged in as Monica and was able to see everything on her profile (see attached image). Is she still unable to see everything on her profile? If so, could you have her try logging in on a different browser?


  • Thank you, we are good now!

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