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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Bulk import badges or self-award?

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  • Hi, Support! 

    We just enabled badges on our site, and have a few questions:

    1.  Is it possible to bulk-add badges to users? For example, we have a list of people who need a badge for accomplishing something. Can we add to all of their profiles all at once? What is the quickest way to give badges to a group of people?
    2. Is there a way to reward badges and not notify the user? Is there a way to not require a custom message? We have a list of badges that could be added to profiles, but we don't want to notify the users since the badge would have been rewarded 5yrs ago, for example. 
    3. Can users be enabled to give themselves a badge? We have a few badges that would be the honor system, where we would like to direct users to a certain page (using a QR code maybe?) where they would see instructions to add a badge to their own profile. Basically leading them to "collect your reward" so it's not a manual process for admins.

    Thank you!

    CC  Ashley Biggers 

  • Hi Bekah,

    1- There isn't a built-in way to bulk award badges, but it may be possible to do with JavaScript and the REST API. I'll look into this for you.

    2- It isn't possible to do this. You may want to tell your users ahead of time that you're awarding badges retroactively.

    3- There isn't a built-in way to do this, but you can set up a workaround using badge challenge actions. For example, you can set up a badge that is earned by commenting on an article that is created for this purpose.

    The badge challenge and step would look like this:

    Then you can instruct people that they can comment on that particular article in order to give themselves the badge.


  • Hi Bekah,

    You can create a bulk recognition form on your site for awarding badges to several users at once. The form takes a comma-separated list of usernames or email addresses. The form looks like this:

    Follow the steps below to create the form and page on your site.

    1. Go to Control Panel > System > Dynamic Properties.
    2. If you don't already have a category called Page Builder Content or similar, create one:
      1. Click Add Category.
      2. Enter Page Builder Content as the name.
      3. Click Save.
    3. Click Add Dynamic Property.
    4. For Property Name, enter Bulk Recognition Form.
    5. Check Is Active.
    6. For Category, select Page Builder Content.
    7. In the rich editor toolbar, click the <> icon to view the source code.
    8. Paste the code in the attached file.
    9. Click OK then click Save.
    10. Go to System > CSS Overrides.
    11. Add the following code, at the bottom.
      /*Style for Bulk Recognition Form*/
      .bulk-award-badges div {
          margin-bottom: 20px;
      .bulk-award-badges #csv-list,
      .bulk-award-badges #badge-message {
          width: 100%
    12. Click Save CSS Overrides.
    13. Go to System > Page Builder.
    14. Click Add Page.
    15. Enter a Name and URL for the page.
    16. Click Layout and add a layout. The 3 6 3 layout would work well.
    17. Click Widgets and add a Dynamic Property widget into the layout. If you used the 3 6 3 layout, add the widget in the middle.
    18. Edit the widget.
    19. Update the widget Title. This will appear at the top of the form.
    20. In Choose a space, select Top level community.
    21. In Choose a property, select Bulk Recognition Form.
    22. Click Save Widget then click Publish changes.


    Bekah Jabben
    Bekah Jabben
    This is awesome!! I believe this will solve our use case. Thank you so much for diving in and being so thorough! :)

    CC Ashley Biggers Josiah Ritner FYI on above
    26 days ago
    Bekah Jabben
    Bekah Jabben
    Hi Grace Kamau Axero Solutions ! 2 Quick questions: I saw it could be possible to show direct report badges in your profile dropdown. How do we enable that? Also, is it possible to remove a badge from a profile, after it's been awarded? This can be manual, but thinking if we accidentally awarded the wrong person :)
    23 days ago
  • Answered

    Hi Bekah,

    To display the direct reports tab in recognition, go to Control Panel > System > System Properties and set ShowProfileRecognitionDirectReportsTab to true.

    Yes, badges can be removed from the user profile > Recognition. Click the badge, then click Remove.


    Bekah Jabben
    Bekah Jabben
    Grace Kamau Axero Solutions perfect!! So badges can only be removed from your own profile, you can't remove from anothers?
    23 days ago
  • Hi Bekah,

    You can control who can remove badges. Go to Control Panel > People > Recognition > Permissions and check the Remove and Remove All permissions. Remove allows a user to remove badges they have given to others. Remove All allows a user to remove badges that anyone gave.


  • Perfect! With this enabled, which page would the user navigate to in order to remove a badge from someone else? For example, if I would like to remove a badge from Ashley Biggers in our site, where would I navigate to?

  • Hi Bekah,

    To remove a badge from a user, go to their profile, click the Recognition tab, then click the badge. A popup will open, with a Remove button at the bottom.


  • When I click "Recognition" on the profile, I'm only able to give the user a new badge. I'm only able to see the above screen on my profile dropdown > recognition! How do I get to that screen for another user?


  • Answered

    Hi Bekah,

    There should be a menu on the left side of the user profile. It looks like this menu is hidden on your site. Would you like to display the Recognition and Profile tabs?


  • Oh! Forgot we hid that on the original format of profiles. We would like to keep it hidden/off profiles. Is there a way to only add the "Profile" or "Recognition" tab for site admin visibility only, and also maybe in the top bar instead (in red bar below)? Basically just looking for a way for site admins only to have the ability to remove badges from other profiles, while keeping the profile view the exact same for other users. 

    Also another random question - if we set the challenge for commenting on a wiki to receive a badge, does the badge stay intact if the wiki content is update or the wiki itself is later deleted? 

    Thank you so much for your help, we are so excited to reintroduce badges into our site and you are making the process so smooth by answering my 100 questions. Appreciate you and your team!

  • Hi Bekah,

    Yes, a Recognition link that's only visible to admins can be added below the profile header. However, a Profile link can't be added to the recognition page, because the recognition page isn't customizable. If an admin clicked the Recognition link, they would have to click back in their browser to return to the profile page. Would this work for you?

    Alternatively, we can make the left menu Profile and Recognition links visible to only admins.

    If a wiki page that's connected to a badge is updated, the earned badges are not affected. I'm looking into what happens when the content is deleted.


  • Answered

    Yes I believe that would work! Adding the Recognition link to the profile header. admin view only. Is this a different link than the current that is on there, where it will bring us to that user's badges instead of the recognition form? I think we are good without the profile link! We wouldn't be removing lots of badges at once, just 1-off as needed so can return back to profiles using search or back. Am I understanding that correctly?

    Great, thank you! I also realized that deleting a challenge would remove the badge from users who had earned a badge through a challenge. If we don't delete a challenge but we change the steps in the challenge, will existing badges still be removed? Or would adding an additional challenge be a way to bypass that?

    CC  Ashley Biggers 

  •  Also, we are having issues with the badge image in the "Communifire.Award.Earned.Notification" and "Communifire.Award.Granted.Notification" email templates. The image shows super large when received in email. Can you send us the code to reset the templates to the original, or is it the actual uploaded size of the badge image that is the problem? Here's our code: 


  • Hi Bekah,

    Yes, the new recognition link would open the user's badges list, where admins can remove badges. To add the recognition link, follow the steps below.

    1. Go to Control Panel > People > User Profiles > Profile header.
    2. Find the line containing <div class="btn-group pr-cover-settings hide">
    3. Add a new line above that line.
    4. Enter the following code.
      <a href="{{{ProfileURL}}}/badges/list" class="btn hide" id="header-recognition-btn"><i class="icon-trophy"></i> Recognition</a>
    5. Click Save.
    6. Click Pages.
    7. Edit the User Profile page.
    8. Click Widgets.
    9. Add a Raw HTML widget anywhere. The widget won't appear on the page. It will just check if the logged in user is an admin then display the recognition link if they are.
    10. Edit the widget.
    11. Update the title to "Show recognition link for admins".
    12. Add the following code in the editor.
          $(window).on("load", showRecognitionButton);
          function showRecognitionButton() {
                  type: "GET",
                  url: `/api/users/${CF_USERID}/roles`,
                  contentType:"application/json; charset=utf-8",
                  success: function(response){
                      var currRoles = response.ResponseData;
                      var isAdmin = false;
                      for(var i = 0; i < currRoles.length; i++) {
                          if(currRoles[i].RoleName == "SiteAdministrator") {
    13. Click Save Widget.
    14. Click Publish changes.

    The link will look like this:

    If you change the steps in a challenge, existing earned badges will not be removed. If you create a new challenge and attach the challenge to a badge, the existing earned badges will not be removed either.

    The badge image dimensions in the email templates can be constrained. Could you share the name of a badge that has a large image?


  • Amazing, thank you!! The above worked. I think all 4 badges of ours show a large image in the kickback email - 

    1: Habits & Hangups
    2: Build the Church & Share your faith
    3: Developing Others through coaching
    4: EQ Certified

  • Hi Bekah,

    Follow the steps below to change the badge image dimensions.

    1. Go to Control Panel > System > Email Templates.
    2. Edit the Communifire.Award.Granted.Notification email template.
    3. In the rich editor toolbar, click the <> button to open the source code.
    4. Find the line containing {{AWARD_IMAGE_URL}}
    5. Replace this line with <p><img src="{{AWARD_IMAGE_URL}}" width="100px" /></p>
    6. Click OK and save the template.


    Bekah Jabben
    Bekah Jabben
    This worked perfectly! Thank you so much for all your help! :)
    11 days ago
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