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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Space edit-delete-clone (black bar icon) missing on space page

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  • Hello

    Half of our public spaces are missing the black bar on the right of the page that allows you to edit, delete, or clone the space.

    Is there a reason or a setting that we need to change for these spaces?

    Thank you


  • Hi Cherree,

    Can you give a few examples of which spaces are showing this, as well as which are not? I can look into this for you and find what the issue may be.


  • Water Cooler, Finance, Help Desk are 3 of the twelve. It may be a setting in the pagebuilder.  Can I go in and manage space > settings > page builder > add page.  Can this be done to each of them to fix this and is each space the space's homepage?

  • Corporate Communications, Benefits, Human Resources all has the bar icon on the right

  • Hi Cherree,

    Having the black bar on the right means that the page is a Page Builder page. Any page that is not a Page Builder page (like the default homepage, or when viewing content) will not have this black icon. 

    If you would like to set a page builder page to the homepage of a space, make sure that you click the Set As Space Homepage button on the page builder page, with your space selected. 

    I hope this helps!

  • So go into each space that is missing the bar.  click the set as the space homepage and this will fix all of them?  Is the "name" the name of the current space I am trying to fix?  and is the Url for each space "/" and the name of the space. I tried this with a test space and now it is not loading properly.

  • Hi Cherree,

    If you set "/" as the url and check "Set as space homepage" it will assign the pagebuilder page you just created as the homepage. If this page is blank, the space homepage will also show as a blank page. 

    If you add something like "/testing123" then the homepage will be set to something like "YourCommunifireSite.com/spaceName/testing123". Navigating to the URL without the testing123 added-on will show a blank page. 


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