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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Workflow for JUST featured articles

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  • I'm currently creating workflows for some spaces we've set up, is there a way to have Articles within a space not subject to a workflow by default, but when the article is Featured (checkbox), have a workflow triggered?


  • Answered

    Hi Randy,

    It is not currently possible to filter workflows by whether or not it is featured. Is there any particular reason you are looking for this feature? There may be a workaround that is available. 


  • Foster Clark The use case is as follows:

    1) Departmental spaces have been created as Public with Moderation turned on 

    2) We have 4 pages that we have created at the Top Level Community: Homepage, News, Community, Culture

    3) We want to retain the members/moderators to publish articles etc. within their respective spaces, but then want to have the ability for 'Featured' articles be subject to a different workflow that will ALSO highlight the article in the appropriate top level communities


    Article tagged in any space with 'Community' will just be published within that Space

    Article tagged in any space with 'Community' and set to 'Featured' will publish to that respective space, but also propogate into the Community section front (Content list) and Homepage section front (Content list)


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