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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Space Home Page Remove Activity Stream Visibility

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  • We are going through and editing all our Home Pages for each Space so nothing inside of it (Announcements, Discussions, etc.) featured on those Home Pages are visible to Guests.  But when we do this, the Activity Stream button is still visible.  When a Guest clicks on it, they can't see anything but the visual just seems like an unnecessary step and not so visually pleasing when they arrive. 

    Is there a way to remove the Activity Stream tab from view to non-members? It looks better just to have them land on the condensed Home Page with limited views and click Join this space, rather than to give them the option to click on Activity Stream and get to the unfinished looking page shown above:

  • Hi Tiffany,

    You should be able to remove the Activity Stream link when you're logged in as an admin. You'll see an "Edit navigation" link in the space menu.

    Then you can delete the menu item.


  • Thanks, Grace, yes, that part is clear, but that's not exactly what we are looking to do.  We need the Activity Stream visible in the Space, but why does it have to be visible from the Home Page to Guests who are not members of that Space?

    We set up a Home Page for each Space. We went through each one and turned off permissions for a Guest to see anything inside the Space unless they join, so the Home Page (which is filled with updates from Wikis, discussions, etc. is not visible on that Home Page to a person who is a Guest.  They only see this:

    To see more, they would have to choose "Join the Space".  But they also could be looking around and clicking on things.  Click on Activity Stream and this awkward looking page comes up:

    So we are asking if there is a way to make that "Activity Stream" invisible until you gain access to the Space?  Just the same as Files, or Photos, or Discussions is?

  • Answered

    Hi Tiffany,

    Sorry, I misunderstood your question the first time. It isn't possible to hide the Activity Stream link for only non-space-members.


  • No problem, I have a lot of custom questions :I ... Thanks for hanging with me through them :).



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