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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Wall Post API get user information

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  • Hello 

    I would like to find the wall posts for space within specific date range and also get more user information who posted it Like Company name and department. What would be the best way to do it. 

    Only way I found out so far is to use the " REST API: Get SPACE Wall Posts" that will return all the wall posts ( I need only for few days) and then filter it for the dates and then make another api call for each filtered posts "Get User Profile Fields" to get the company and department information. This complete process is taking a lot of time. 

    Are there any other calls that gives me the Wall posts filtered by date ?

    Also if there is any call that give me user profile fields along with the posts ?



  • Answered

    Hi Shobhit,

    There aren't any other calls available to filter wall posts by a date range or to get user data along with the wall posts. You'll need to filter the results of REST API: Get Space Wall Posts and cross reference with REST API: Get User Profile Fields , as you described.

    You may consider calling REST API: Search Users once to get a list of all users and their profile fields. User profile fields are in the SimpleFields property.


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