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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Count of users who've completed their profile

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  • Hello,

    I've been asked to find the number of users who have completed their profile.  Using the REST API, I can see that there are 548 users with IsProfileCompleted equal to true (we think that this number is way off).  I can also see that the API data shows that IsProfileCompleted is true for my user account but when I go to the site I see a content block that says that my profile is 50% complete.  Is there a way to see how many users have completed 100% of their profile?



    "IsProfileCompleted": true,
  • Hi Guy,

    I'm checking in on this for you. I believe that "Profile Complete" refers to whether all Required Fields in a users profile has been filled out, not whether the getting started metric has been achieved. I will let you know if there is a way to check this via API.


  • Hi Foster,

    Thanks for looking into this.  Were you able to track down a way that we can see where people are with the getting started metric.  We want to get people engaged, logged in, and working on the site and thought that monitoring that metric would be a good way to tell how successful we are.



  • Answered

    Hi Guy,

    At the moment this is not available via API. However, if you could please create a private case we can help you gather this data for your site. 

    Looking forward to helping you out further with this,

  • Hi Foster,

    I will create a private case.

    Thanks a lot,


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