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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Frustration with Rich Text

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    Dear Foster,


    I hope you are well.  I am not sure who to send this to so they open a ticket but I am having ongoing issues with the Rich Text function in Communifire.   Can you or someone from your team help?


    For purposes of illustration, I am showing some clips from this page:  https://embarkinsider.com/Passport-portugal




    Main Questions:

    1. Spacing and numbering get wonky
    2. How do I adjust spacing. It keeps coming out double spaced and I want single spaced.
    3. Why does heading selection only work on some text but not all?
    4. How do I change size and font? 
    5. How do I change Color of words?
    6. How do I adjust the indentation so It is only a minor indentation





    How do I fix the tables I paste in. they seem to be falling off the page





    An Ink Drawing
 With Ink Annotations




    How do I move someone in a box to go to the higher level.  See the circled text. It is now a bullet but I want it to be letter “d”


    An Ink Drawing
 With Ink Annotations




    I am trying to indent RIGHT when clicking on “Get Documents” but the option dissapears. I can only indent LEFT




    An Ink Drawing








    How do I continue numbering if I want to put an indented bullet point in between  a list of things.   See issue below on this page:  https://embarkinsider.com/embarkbrokerage






    An Ink Drawing







    Headings are bolded in the Rich Text Box but don’t come our bold when published.




    An Ink Drawing
















  • Answered

    Hi Jack,

    I responded to this when you emailed me these questions a week or so back, but I am not sure you got the response. I have added my answers below. Please let me know if you have further questions.

    How to fix the table pasted in?
    Centering the table in the Rich Text Widget seemed to fix the issue. In the future however, we recommend that you use the "Insert Table" option, as you will get much cleaner results this way. Sometimes pasting an item into a widget brings with it any formatting issues that were present previously. 
    Moving the box
    Can you please elaborate on this issue? You should be able to cut the text out of this box and paste it anywhere you would rather it be. If you would like it to be the letter d, go to the d) that is present, and click enter. The e) should appear, and you can paste your text in the d) slot. 
    Indent Right
    Are you highlighting the entire line when you try to click indent right? Also, this may not work as intended with a bulleted list, as these are traditionally indented left. 
    Continue numbering
    It is best to manually enter these numbers. Bulletting is done automatically and does not always work perfectly as intended in any word editor. 
    This may have to do with the font you are using. You may want to consider using a different font as it appears to be showing correctly in the side bar. 
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