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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Permissions in sub-spaces

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  • I'm currently updating the existing roles for all of our spaces before our go-live and I came across a set of sub-spaces that have no roles where all the rest of the sub-spaces have had roles assigned. What would cause this?

  • Hi Carlene,

    Could you clarify your question? Where are you expecting to see roles and you don't see them? Could you provide the URL?


  • Hi Grace,


    I should re-word just a bit, the roles are there but the permissions were empty as you can see in the image below. I’ve already filled them in where I’ve seen them missing so I’m not sure the URL will help but its https://base.benjaminmoore.com/spaces/manage/settings/manage-permissions?spaceID=15


  • Hi Carlene,

    The permissions clearing out may have been caused by a bug. Were any files or folders in the space purged recently?


  • Axero is in the process of migrating the files from our old intranet so it's possible something like that happened while they were working in this space but I've no way to confirm that.

  • Hi Carlene,

    There was a bug where purging items in the Recycle Bin could clear the permissions of a folder. This bug was fixed and is not currently occurring on our latest version, which your site is on. We haven't seen folder permissions being cleared out on their own otherwise. Let us know if this happens again and include any information regarding files and folders that you may have.


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