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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Members name or ID in the API?

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  • We are creating a holiday counter to add up employees no. of holidays & sick days throughout the year. There's a company space with a calendar in which the events are posted into, when someone is ill the admin department add the event and then invite the employee so they appear as a member. 

    We have encountered an issue, we cannot see the members name or ID within the API, so cannot pull any information. If they accept the event they become an attendee and we can see IDs but we want to be able to see this information in the API for members too.


  • You need to pull the invite or attend lists for the event?

  • We need to be able to pull the invite list in the API, we can currently only see the invite list within the web view on the event. 

  • So sorry for the delay on this. I haven't gotten into our REST API myself and our developers are under pressure to release a new beta version.

    But I think perhaps I can give you enough information for you to figure out what to do with it. I think there are some functions that are simply not documented yet. I found these in our web services that all return Collection<DyveUser>:

    • GetAttendees(int eventID)
    • GetInvitedMembers(int eventID)
    • GetInvitedGuests(int eventID)

    Members would be invited from inside the community, Guests would be invited by email address.

    Can you work with this?

  • Ok thanks for that, since posting this we currently found another way around our problem. Our developers may need to use these "GetAttendees" or one of the functions in the future so they may come in useful anyway.

  • Answered

    Good good.

    I'm much the same way. If I can't figure out the way to handle something in one path I'll eventually start to explore another path to the same destination.

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