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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Activity feed sidebar on the Landing CMS page?

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  • thecitysecret

    Theres a widget in the sidebar on the "My Account" page, this shows me all the latest changes to the pages I am following/joined. I tried moving this onto the CMS homepage so that all users can see a latest update of whats been changed.

    This works fine for me but when another users visits the homepage it shows only the updates I have made and they cannot see updates from anyone else in it. Is there a way to make this show all the users updates like it does for me or is there a way to make it so there "MyAccount" activity tracker shows.

    In the code there doesn't seem to be anything saying my username so imagined it would just work for everyone. 



  • BryceDJ

    First, it would help me understand just what you're talking about if you could explain how you moved the ticker to the homepage.

    Also, there's a What's New widget on the home page... that isn't giving you what you want?

  • thecitysecret

    I copied the source code for the ticker and put it onto a CMS page in the sidebar, from the bit that says "start activity ticker to "stop activity ticker" and it seems to work fine for me but when others view it on the CMS page, it only shows my posts/changes and not everyones.

    I think looking at the code I have worked out why, it asks for a userID and if I change this it chnages the activity ticker feed to someone elses. But I can't figure out how to add a number of users to this feed like 1,2,3,4,5,etc to it? 

    url = Communifire.buildCommonWSUrl('GetCombinedActivityFeeds');
    postData = JSON.stringify({ 'userID': parseInt('1', 10), 'pageNo': ++pageNo, 'pageLength': pageLength, 'wallContainer': (isProfile) ? '1' : null });

    Also the Whats New widget isn't sufficent because we need something for the sidebar as the CMS landing page is full of other content unfortuantley.


  • BryceDJ

    Unfortunately I don't think the Activity Ticker supports multiple users. 

    With premium support we could probably work out some solution to this... perhaps retooling What's New to fit where you need it to fit.

  • thecitysecret

    Ok thanks anyway, we will manage for now and may consider that at another date. It does seem to support multiple users when its viewed in "My Account" but if I move it to a CMS page then it stops functioning.


  • BryceDJ

    It is a bit tricky to move it onto a CMS page.

    On the My Account page it shows content that I have access and have interest in viewing... so is single user in that respect.

    Keep us posted on if you want to take further steps with this.

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