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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Bootstrap version for Communifire 7

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  • gedd

    Apologies if this has been detailed elsewhere... What version of Bootstrap is running under Communifire 7? 

  • tim-eisenhauer
    Hi Gerard, 2.3 https://my.axerosolutions.com/spaces/5/communifire-documentation/wiki/view/1404/bootstrap-2-3-2-ui-framework Any other questions we can answer for you? Are you looking to achieve something specific? Tim
  • gedd

    Cheers Tim. We are not looking to achieve anything specific at this stage. 

    We have been considering utilizing a bootstrap UI kit to help with building the homepage, space landing pages etc within page builder. (one of many examples - https://ui8.net/fabrx-design/products/fabrx-ui-kit-pro-for-bootstrap ) Problem is this UI Kit is built for Bootstrap 4.

    The idea being we build components within the UI kit, copy code and paste this into Raw Html widgets within Page builder. 

    In essence, we are looking for processes to speed up productivity. Would you guys suggest a better workflow?

  • tim-eisenhauer

    Hi Gerard,

    I took a look at the linked UI kit. 

    Can you help me understand what you want to use from that kit? If you can share a detailed use case or two, it would be helpful so we can make some suggestions.



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