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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Frequency of System Utilities

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  • cbunts


    How often should I do the following:

    Rebuilding Search Indexes

    Rebuilding Caches

    Restarting the Site


    Thanks you for the support 

  • isha

    Hi Chris,

    It generally depends on your needs if you find something is missing in your search/ page builder pages, or Activity Stream, then you can use Rebuild Search index. Rebuilding Cache and Restart Site are needed when there is some inconsistency in your site.

    We don't suggest our customers use them frequently, but if you have to, then prefer to do it during your non-business hours. You can also report to us, if there is any inconsistency happening frequently, we will be happy to look into it.


  • cbunts

    Thank you for the information.

    I did need to run Build Indexes yesterday due to a missing space on our home page.


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