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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

Defaulting a project in a case using the URL

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  • cbunts


    I am trying to create a case using a button an corresponding URL.  I want to default the project within that URL.  Is that possible?

    The scenario I have is there are many entities that need to create cases but I dont want the user to be able to select their project from the drop down within the case template itself.    The cases will all be housed out of one space (a many to one model where I dont want the many to see each other)




  • Foster

    Hi Chris, 

    Im looking into this for you. I will give you an update soon. 



  • Foster

    Hi Chris,

    If you are linking to the create Case URL, all case projects that are available in the space will be shown to the person creating the case. When editing the case project, you can set it so only a certain role can be assigned the case, but all users will be able to see it when creating a case.

    As for setting a default project, you can only set one default at a time, so whoever is making a case will see this project first. 

    A more complex solution, would be to use the API to check the users role when the button is clicked, and direct them to a space with only one case project available. 

    I hope this helps,


  • cbunts

    Thanks Foster,

    My next question is if we are able to modify the Case template to change some of the titles and the such.  

    One additional question I have is there a way to return a user to the page builder page that invoked the case. I have created a button on a page to open up the case window and I would like to return to that page after I submit.  Right now it stays in the space.

    Thanks for your help on these questions

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