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  • DanMirandaITx


    When I create a user with the following json:

    {"Username":"unittestuser2","FirstName":"UnitTest2","LastName":"User2","Email":"UnitTestUser2@testdomain.com","HireDate":"10/10/1990","Occupation":"Sr. Dummy User","ReportsTo":"","BranchDeptName":"Information Technology","Password":"UnitTestUser?12345","IsActivated":"true"}

    The response that I got is:

        "IsError": false,
        "ResponseMessage": "Success",
        "ResponseData": 0
    ResponseData returned a valid id the first time but the following requests only returned 0.
    Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
  • gskamau

    Hey Dan,

    Try using REST API: Update User Profile Fields to add a user instead. Make sure to add ?addUser=true to the URL to create a new user.


  • DanMirandaITx

    Hi Grace,

    I tried your suggestion and I am receiving a 400 bad request response, this is the json that i am sending to the api:

    "Occupation":"Sr. Dummy User",
    "BranchDeptName":"Information Technology",

    In the Headers I have Rest-Api-Key with my key and Content-Type with application/json.

    Do you know if something else is required?




  • gskamau

    Hey Dan,

    You need to stringify the data for this API. Example: "{\"UserID\":\"12\",\"Company\":\"Axero Solutions\",\"Phone\":\"5625551234\",\"Share my profile\":\"false\"}"



  • DanMirandaITx

    It is working now, 

    Thank you!

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