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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

cant delete user photo uploaded via API

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  • eboone


    We are trying to auto populate user photos from our HR system when creating their account. The photo is getting uploaded and set successfully. But if the user wants to change the picture the x in the top right of the photo profile to remove it doesn't work.

    How can I get this working?

  • gskamau

    Hey Eric,

    Is an error printed to the browser console when the user clicks the X? To check, right-click the page, select Inspect, and click the Console tab.


  • eboone

    Hey Grace,

    Connection connected CommunityMasterSetTwoScripts.min.js:1:5313


    A call to document.write() from an asynchronously-loaded external script was ignored. wordimport.js:8:29

    are on pageload

    and when i click the x i get

    Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.min.js:2:23967


    screen shot attached

  • gskamau

    Hey Eric,

    Try using a different browser. Are you able to remove the profile photo?


  • eboone

    Attached a screen shot of the console log in Chrome.

    There is a pat your head and rub your belly solution.
    - click the picture
    - upload a new picture
    - click save
    - click save
    - don't click save because you will get an error like in saver-error.jpg, so click the x instead
    - then click save

  • gskamau

    Hey Eric,

    The app pool user needs read/write permissions for the Assets folder:

    Navigate to the /Assets folder in Windows Explorer, right click the folder > Properties > Security > Add IIS Apppool\<apppoolname> and mark Modify permissions for this user.


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