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Posted in: Communifire API & Developers

User Log In Analytics

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  • grich

    How can I see the analytics on which users have logged in and when?

    How can see the analytics on which users have viewed, posted, etc. (engaged) and when?

    The Control Panel Analytics doesn't give me specifics.

    Once I get that information how do I email the people who have not logged in to prompt them.

    Once I get the information how do I set the prod email to ping them to engage?



  • gskamau

    Hey Thomas,

    These analytics are not available. Take a look at New User Engagement Email and Inactive User Email for how to configure email reminders to inactive users.

    You can also sort users in Control Panel > People > Manage People by Last Login and use Mass Email to send users an email.


  • grich


    The app is not allowing me to select the sorted people for the mass email.  

    I sort them by last login.  Select the ones I want and select mass email.  The default mass email menu comes up and I have to select all active or selected people.

    None of the people I selected from the manage people page is selected and there is no sort option on the mass email page under select people.

  • grich

    I had to sue send email from the manage people page and could not use a template.

  • nvstiers


    You are correct.

    You cannot sort users by last login when using Mass Email. This is not a function that is available in communifire.

    To send a mass email and use an email template you are allowed to select users by: All users, All Active People, Selected Users, Role and Status. These are the only sorting options available for Mass Email.

  • grich


  • caleb

    Try  Google Analytics User-ID tracking using CF_USERID. (This is on 5.2, not sure if it's changed).

    ga('create', '{{GA ID}}', 'auto', {userId: CF_USERID });


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