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Communifire Documentation

Getting Started Guide

What to do when you're first starting out in a new community, from the pilot program through the final rollout, with an introduction to some of the platform's advanced features.

Helpful Videos

Watch step by step while we walk you through some of the most common configuration and setup topics for getting started with your Communifire community.

Installation Guide

Follow the step by step instructions in the installation guide for setting up a fresh install of Communifire on your server.  For upgrading, please see the release notes for the version of Communifire you are upgrading to.  For all SaaS licensing options, we'll install your platform for you. However, for self-hosting options, either we install Communifire for you, or you can do it yourself.

System Administration Guide

The Communifire System Administration Guides are an Admin's path to understanding the way the Communifire Admin section settings control the applications behaviour. The following set of Wiki pages will take you through various sections, controls, and settings available in the Admin section.

User Guide

The Communifire user guides contain topics for understanding how to use the front end or user end of Communifire. The wiki pages included in these guides cover sections like creating and sharing content, user profile management, and space management in detail.

UI Customization Guide

These wiki pages guide you on how to best customizing the Communifire user interface, from using CSS overrides, dynamic properties, and localization.

Developer Guide

The Communifire Developer Guide includes information on how to develop additional features, integrate with your existing application, single sign on, configuration files, and using the REST layer API documentation.